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MeditationInstructor.ORG is the administrative home of the C.MI Meditation Instructor Certificate Course --- as well as an online and distance-learning meditation resource for both those seeking to become Meditation Teachers (instructors) and those wanting to learn to effectively practice meditation for the benefit of their own lives.

The C.MI Program launched with UHT in 2009 - however, our online meditation instruction programs really began over 17-years ago (in 1999), with the introduction of the Karma-Net Online Education web site. While the original courses were a bit smaller in scope - even in those early days of the Internet, we were already established as an online training provider - and with that experience (and the necessary technical resources) - we were able to offer a wide variety of interactive features, such as online meditation rooms, discussion forums, web-based training materials, and other meditation resources and media materials we would bring back from Japan.

In those days, we would visit Zen temples and teachers across Japan, discussing meditation-related topics, conducting interviews, exploring and reporting on the culture surrounding the practice, filming media segments, recording audio, and so on. It was not only great fun, it was also a deep learning process for us as well - and we were excited to be able to share those meditation experiences and resources with millions of site visitors over the years.

While there are many online meditation courses available today - very few are based on any proven methodology, or experience in delivering educational programs (whether in whole, or in part) over the web. The best programs know that you can't simply provide some text and a few videos to make a good course - you need to build-in interactivity and community, along with the right training information, practice opportunities, and the utilization of technology in a transparant manner, to get the best results. That's what our programs do - and we welcome you to take part.

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